About Aaron

Creator of The Reframe Movement, Aaron Gozum graduated from San Francisco State University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies, where he discovered an ardor for service and supported the San Francisco Bay Area community with many organizations (Circle K International, Mission Graduates, Strut*) in service projects ranging from mentoring elementary grade students, environmental cleanups, food banks and gay health services. With several years of experience in the service industry cultivating a stronger aspiration for service, Aaron investigated nonprofit organizational processes through an internship with San Francisco Playhouse, a nonprofit theatre, as well as group research on the Peninsula Humane Society. Additionally, Aaron has participated in research and teaching assistantships on various topics including performance, arts, sexuality, health, research methods, and social media. In the development of his passion for the intersectionality of these topics with identity, he is in the process of crafting a digital social revolution called The Reframe Movement to fight stigma and inequality in the cyber environment through creative work focusing on identity research.


What is Aaron currently working on?

Aaron is currently working on @projectaffinity which is a breakaway from The Reframe Movement to focus in on one of the RFM values: affinity over identity. His current research interests include issues of racial, cultural, sexual, gender and national identity (interpersonal communication), Asian-American culture, Filipino studies, migration (globalization and cross-cultural communication), LGBTQ rights in the workplace (decolonization, queer studies and organizational communication). With the utmost gratitude for the experiences in service that have built foundational cornerstones of his identity, Aaron is inspired to become a propelling proponent in pursuing social advocacy and identity research in the MCC program at NYU Steinhardt with hopes of someday becoming a collegiate-level educator, galvanizing future scholars and professionals in their search for purpose, identity and social equality.

* I volunteered for a short time with Strut when they were known as Magnet SF, which was a gay men’s health center located in the Castro of San Francisco. Though I enjoyed working with their team, I had to leave after a short two months due to personal issues at the time.